New Lights Estate Group




Welcome to Lights Estate Group 
Restrictions on Homesteads for breedables is restricted to 2 to 3 as pets. 
If your a breeder/seller or shop owner please consider one of our Commercial 
sims for better performance for your needs. 
Important Point 
Treat your neighbours as you would like to be Treated.


All Payment are final no refunds.

Its not needed to be a premium member to purchase or rent Property through Lights Estate group.
After purchasing your land, come to the Main office to pay the rentbox.

If Tier is not payed within Two (2) hours after purchase then the parcel will be reclaimed and set back to sale.

If Tier payment is delayed past 3 days parcel can be reclaimed and set back to sale.
If for some reason your having payment problems please contact our staff and we maybe able to help.

✰✰– Sell Land or Change Owner –✰✰ <—–✰

If a partner needs to be added to a tier box for a parcel or sim please contact Lights Estate Group.
Estate Managers rights can be requested on Homestead or Full sims only.
The estate manager rights granted usually in 24-48 hours. 
Max EM’s is 5 people. Only the person whos name is on the tier box can request someone to be added as an estate manager.

For Help and information contact:
✔ 3azef Resident

✔ Rachid Spot For Assistance and support
✔ Buzzard1 Resident For Assistance and support

If not on line please send request by note cards as IM can be capped and lost.




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